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Get connected with the people you admire and the brands you love to drive positive change.

Do you give back?

Whether you want to boost your savings, build your business or improve your public image we all have goals, and all seek growth - individually or collectively.

It was never easier to build wealth and have an impact on the lives of others, but at the same time we forget our responsibilities towards society.

Do you see the impact?

According to the statistics businesses are becoming more socially responsible and charitable giving is on the rise. Yet, we don’t see much of an impact.

What we see is that major part of the money keeps getting lost. We no longer trust causes on social media, fundraisers on the streets and people in need.

Now Imagine...

You could support causes and track your donations all the way without taking money out of your pocket.

WeHugit Instigates Social Responsibility

WeHugit links two of the world’s largest markets in a win-win model built on transparency and trust to drive positive change.

You will find the advantages of social networking and loyalty shopping programs at one place and get multiple benefits.

You not only get exclusive discounts and fair rewards for your interactions but have the power to act in the name of society.

Together We Can Make a Difference

Famous people and large organizations hug our idea and invite their followers to help us build the huggers’ community.

Businesses offer permanent discounts and special promotions on the designated WeHugit feed and refer existing customers to join.

Huggers share with friends, enjoy instant discounts and get additional cashback to support causes they create or choose.

And WeHugit is 100% Transparent!

The underlying blockchain technology records all transactions, makes them irreversible and publicly visible. Any misuse of funds, manipulation, and corruption is simply NOT possible!

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success. – Edward Everett Hale



Influencers receive long-term passive income, support charitable causes without taking money out of their pocket, and significantly improve their public image.


Businesses get access to a constantly growing audience, a free and extremely effective advertising channel, thus achieving great PR results for being socially responsible.


Huggers boost their savings while connecting with a global socially responsible community to share problems, find solutions and drive positive change.


Dedicating more than 50% of the cashback to charity initiatives, created by the platform users and executed with full transparency, WeHugit is endorsed by many members of the society.

Relying on the influence of famous people, opinion leaders, big organizations and sports clubs supporting the project, we expect a constantly growing and highly engaged user base.

With no registration fees or monthly subscriptions WeHugit will maintain sustainable development of the platform by keeping only 5% of the discounts as facilitation fee.


What is Blockchain

Blockchain is a distributed, decentralized, public ledger completely resistant to modifications. A digital information “the block” stored in a public database “the chain”


This new way of documenting data on the internet offers complete transparency and is used for developing social networks, games, exchanges, storage platforms, voting systems etc.
Banks and financial institutions invest heavily in blockchain development as the technology also significantly speed up back office settlement systems and reduce transactions cost.

How we use it?

  • Securely storing users’ personal information
  • Avoiding the creation of fake user profiles
  • Creating innovative and trusted rating system
  • Displaying the additional cashback from shopping
  • Recording date, time and amount of donations
  • Publishing financial reports for all completed causes
  • Distributing dividends to shareholders

the Team

Dedicated Huggers with the Right Set of Skills

Radoy Koynov

Founder and CEO Board member

Ilian Scarlatov

Co-Founder Board member

Denitsa Hristova

Co-Founder Board member

André Baruffol

Regional Manager Switzerland Board member

Plamen Sakaliyski

Chief Technology Officer

Danny Rusev

Business Development

Stefan Stefanov

Investor Relations

Kamen Todorov

Graphic Designer

Daniel Vasilev

Backend Lead, Decentralized Application Specialist

Angel Demirev

Front End Lead, UX and UI Designer

Daniel Lazarov

Front End Developer

Ivaylo Petrov

Software Engineer, DB Architect

Iren Parvanova

Project Management, QA Expert

Alen Popovic

Social Media PRO

Yasen Rachev


Stefan Staykov

Finance and Strategy

Vladimir Karolev


Lora Dicheva